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About the Mandos Way

Welcome to Mandos Way. I'm Nikoloz Kokhreidze, an information security professional and cybersecurity leader with over a decade in the field. My cybersecurity journey started at age 13, and I've since transitioned from a tech-savvy teen to a strategic risk advisor for businesses and individuals.

This platform is your guide to security-driven business growth, focusing on a full-spectrum approach to cybersecurity, leadership, and AI.

At Mandos Way, I'm turning cybersecurity from a cost center into a growth catalyst. I offer real-world insights and strategies tailored for CISOs, tech leaders, and CEOs. If you're looking to safeguard your organization you'll find protective strategies in the Cybersecurity section. For those seeking leadership prowess, the Leadership section sharpens your management skills and decision-making. Explore the AI section to understand its impact and how to leverage it for strategic advantage. Finally, subscribe to receive weekly 3-minute reads from Mandos Brief. These briefs cover key cybersecurity trends in concise form, equipping you with the awareness you need to stay ahead.

Join me and let's revolutionize how you approach cybersecurity, leadership, and AI transformation. Subscribe today for full site access and regular email updates on fresh content. Your support enables Mandos Way to thrive as a premier resource for tech leaders like you.

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