Brief #0: Apple's AI Ban, AI in Politics, and Cybersecurity Breach

Mandos Brief, Week 21 2023: Apple's Artificial Intelligence restrictions to Amazon's AI revolution Beijing's tech ban and AI's growing influence in politics.

Brief #0: Apple's AI Ban, AI in Politics, and Cybersecurity Breach

Welcome to the very first edition of The Mandos Brief! Your quick-read for the last week's top developments in cybersecurity and AI.

In this week's edition of The Mandos Brief, I'm bringing you some of the most impactful stories in cybersecurity and AI. From Apple's stance on AI tools to the latest security breaches, and the growing influence of AI in politics and commerce, there's a lot to unpack. Let's get started!

Apple's Stand: Restricting ChatGPT Use Over Data Leak Concerns

  • Apple has stopped its employees from using AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT due to concerns about leaks of confidential information.
  • OpenAI keeps a record of all interactions between users and ChatGPT, which can be checked by moderators for any violations of the company’s rules.
  • This decision highlights the growing concerns about privacy and security when it comes to AI tools.

The Tech Cold War: Beijing's Ban on Micron Chips in Critical Infrastructure

  • Beijing has banned Chinese companies from using Micron chips in critical infrastructure.
  • This decision is seen as a response to the US restrictions on Chinese tech companies.
  • The ban could have big implications for global supply chains and the tech industry.

AI in Politics: Why Policymakers Need to Understand AI

  • US senators heard evidence suggesting unchecked AI could take jobs and spread misinformation.
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and lawmakers agreed that the US might need a new federal agency to oversee AI development.
  • This shows how important it is for policymakers to understand AI and what it can do.

Amazon's AI Revolution: Predicting Your Needs for Faster Delivery

  • Amazon is using AI to figure out where products are in-demand to speed up delivery.
  • This strategy, known as "regionalization", aims to keep in-demand inventory closer to customers.
  • This shows how AI is being used to improve online commerce and customer experience.

Cybersecurity Alert: Philadelphia Inquirer Breached Ahead of Mayoral Primary

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer's systems were hacked ahead of the mayoral primary.
  • The breach has raised concerns about the security of digital systems in the run-up to elections.
  • The incident is being investigated, highlighting the need for strong cybersecurity measures in media outlets.

That's all for this week. I'll be back with more updates next week. Until then, stay safe and keep up with the latest news!

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